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61 years

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

61 years after this country escaped from the rule of the British, it’s still got a lot to learn.
The mere fact that for over half a century, we’re still existing as India and Pakistan does, atleast in my simple minded view show us that we have a lot to learn. We were never split up like this. Am I alone in feeling that if parties on both sides really wanted to solve the Kashmir problem, they’d have done it a long time ago?
Inside the country, the rise and growth of chauvinistic nationalism is another thing that’s scary. Various Hindu and Muslim groups preach division and hatred so much that it’s painful to just be in the vicinity. One would think that there’s no middle ground and that it’s an ‘us or them’ situation. What kind of a world are we making for our children?

Am I proud to be an Indian? I think so. There are a ton of things I can name offhand that I love about this place and that I’m grateful for. The problem however is the universal problem. We seem to be selling ourselves short. We’re capable of more than this.

I’m totally out of practice but here’s an attempt.

One and sixty years ago, on a blessed Friday night.
The sun set on the British Raj and we saw freedoms light.

Many were killed and saints were slain, to reach this lofty goal.
Wounds were cut and scars were caused in our search for an Indian soul.

Our nation split after a weary war, cut off from it’s brilliant past.
Plunged into a storm of pain and a war that till now lasts.

The bastard children of the British way of divide and rule.
Rear their ugly and putrid heads and spew their venoms cruel.

A twisted shadow of a an ancient past is what we have become.
Where we fight and kill our fellow man to further the greeds of some.

We wait for a kingdom of light and peace untarnished by wicked hearts.
Not a new and stupid alien world but one that relights those ancient sparks.

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