Change of job

Okay. I’ve taken the plunge. I’ve quit full time employment and become a coder for hire.

So, if any of you are looking for a programmer, drop me a line and we can discuss terms and details. Life should be more interesting now.

11 Responses to “Change of job”

  1. Kousik Nandy Says:

    All the best in your future endeavor.

  2. mridul Says:

    all the best !

  3. Abhinav Says:

    Gr8 .. wish you all the best !

  4. smriti Says:

    i didn’t expect this to happen so soon :P All the best!!!

  5. Sivakumar Says:

    All the best noufal.
    Finally you have become your own boss :)

  6. Noufal Says:

    > Finally you have become your own boss :)

    Never worked for the new boss till now. Let’s see how good he is.

  7. Omri Says:

    Hi Noufal,
    I’m searching for TurboGears experts. to implement a prototype for a project (analysis not finished). contact me if you’re interested.


  8. Bijur Says:

    hey Nouf! good luck! certainly should be a lot more fulfilling :)

  9. Anoop Says:

    All the best man!

  10. Noufal Says:

    Thanks everyone.

  11. Jayesh Says:

    Nice :) Good luck man.

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