Python community service award

I was awarded the Python community service award for the third quarter of 2009. Details here. It was mainly for the successful conference that we organised last September. The parcel got rerouted to Bangkok and took a while to arrive here but it did reach finally. Here is a pic (click for full size)
PSF award

They PSF has emphasised that the award is to all the people involved in the conference. I also feel that it’s really important that everyone who pitched in is given credit. A list of people who were instrumental in organising the whole event is below

  • Anand Chitipothu - Helped with the venue, caterer and took over the whole deal when I was on vacation for Eid.
  • Kunalkanth Sen - For the banners, sponsorship related work, miscellaneous running around and lots of work on the final day.
  • Senthil Kumaran - For helping out at the actual venue, chairing most of the lightning talks, manning the registration desk and generally keeping the actual event running smoothly.
  • Santhosh Divakar - Our treasurer who meticulously took care of all the bills, reimbursements and paperwork related to keeping our accounts clean.
  • Ravi Shankar Uma Iyer - For handling everything related to the swag and helping out with the registration desk on the actual days of the event.
  • Kenneth Gonsalves - For developing and supporting the software used to run the website.
  • Kausikram Krishnasayee - For helping out with sponsorship accounts, rich network of contacts and generally helping out.
  • Aditya - For handling the sponsorship accounts during the early stages.
  • Ponnusamy and Devyan - For taking care of the website, talk selection and scheduling

These were the people who were active for most of the time leading to the conference.
There were also others who pitched in during the hectic weekend itself. Their work was also important. It’s been a while but the following names come to mind

  • Vikrant - For taking care of the venue and caterer in Anand’s absence
  • Ashok - For being there at the venue and helping with getting it set up and keeping things running smoothly.
  • Anuradha - For patiently taking care of the registration desk during both days.

Also, I must thank our sponsors whose names are still at the site and all the other people who helped out financially like Anand Pillai.

I’m not particularly famous for my memory so if I’ve forgotten anyone, please mail me and I’ll update the post.

It was a wonderful experience and one of the most successful projects of my life. I hope to be involved in all the Pycons held in India during the coming years.

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