Well, I’m back blogging. The theme’s new though. Comments and feedback welcome.

  1. CognitiveCombine 18.09.07 / 10am

    Hi and Assalamu Alaikum,

    I just wanted to say I really like your modification of my theme, nice work :)


  2. Noufal 18.09.07 / 12pm

    Wa alaikum assalam and thanks.

  3. Ummer Melmuri 14.03.08 / 6am

    Dear Nibrahim,
    I am Umer from Malappuram, volunteering with Ma’din Academy ( www.mahdinonline.org).
    Happy to know that a Malayali is behind this wonderful work.
    I searched for your email hours …sorry…so this words..
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Noufal 30.03.08 / 10pm

    Wassalam Ummer,
    My mail address is noufal at gmail dot com.
    Jazakallah for your kind words.


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