I came across a stack overflow question asking for good Emacs screencasts and couldn’t find any on the web. There is a website for Vim screencasts so I thought I’d try my hand at making one for Emacs.

Thus was born emacsmovies.org. I registered the domain at the end of last year in October and have been spending time sporadically developing the tools that I thought I needed to do this.

I spoke to Zed Shaw about his learn code the hard way series of books and screencasts and he suggested that I write a book to go along with the screencasts.

I’ve finally launched the website and the first screencast so if you’re interested in trying out the venerable old editor or an expert who wants to help out with the screencasts, check out http://emacsmovies.org and send me some feedback at noufal@emacsmovies.org.

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