About me

I'm Noufal Ibrahim. I am a freelance consultant, software developer and trainer based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. I'm a long time Python user and am proficient in a handful of other languages as well. I was the chair and lead organiser of PyCon India 2009 and PyCon India 2010.


I conduct trainings on the technologies I use and am familiar with to teach what I've learnt to others who are interested and perfect my own knowledge in these areas. This page gives an overall view of my training philosophy as well as resources to stay uptodate regarding the classes which I'm taking.


As a freelancer, I work on niche projects that force me to stretch the limits of my knowledge and I try to do a good job. More often than not, this forces me to dive into obscure corners of technologies that I use. I remove proprietary information from these experiences and distill them into courses for public consumption. These are not rehashed material scraped off the net. They're my own experiences recast as courses. I stay away from "Hello, world" examples and from stuff that you can learn from tutorials on the net.

I spend a considerable amount of time researching my material and creating these courses (which is why they're not very frequent). All the material is original and lovingly hand crafted.

I structure the material with a good balance between theory and hands on coding. These are not uni directional lectures which you are forced to sit through.

All courses come with spiral bound notes of the entire content. I'm a bit of stickler for language and so I try to make my notes as technically accurate and detailed as possible. I will also help you out over email with the material after the course for a reasonable amount of time.

Target audience

I'm passionate about programming and computers in general and like the company of people who are.

If you're looking for "certifications" and other such accolades, I'm afraid I don't offer any of those. My intention is to transfer knowledge about interesting technologies to an interesting audience.

If you fall into this category (and you'll know if you do) keep an eye out for a course that might interest you and drop by.

Stay upto date

Following are a list of courses which I'm currently offering along with their dates. If you there's a course that you missed which you want or anything else you want to talk about, please mail me at

noufal at nibrahim dot net point in

You can follow the Google calendar below to stay upto date

I also run a low volume mailing list for announcements which you can subscribe to at https://lists.hcoop.net/listinfo/trainings.
The mailing list admin page uses a self signed certificate so your browser might tell you that the identity of the site cannot be confirmed. Please accept the certificate manually to proceed.

I will also be blogging about any upcoming trainings at my site (atom feed).

Announcements will also be made on my twitter account at https://twitter.com/noufalibrahim. You can follow me to stay upto date.

Corporate trainings

If your organisation has a team that needs to be trained on a technology that's covered in my courses, drop me a line at

train at nibrahim dot net point in
and we can discuss it. For my formal training profile, please click on the Training Profile link in the sidebar.