After 11 years of living in Bangalore, I’m finally ready to leave.

I came here in 2001 as an employee of Cisco and then moved through a 2 jobs before starting to freelance. I got involved in the local Python scene, helped kickstart Pycon India and met a lot of wonderful people in the process.

On a personal side, I got married and had two kids all while I was in Bangalore.

I met some great people here and have a lot of experiences to cherish. I never really imbibed any of the indigenous culture or language but I quite like the communities I was part of and don’t want to break any ties. I’m also going to make regular trips back to the city for at least the HasGeek events and maybe an occasional training. I will also still be alive on the mailing lists and websites that I’m already active on.

I’m moving back to Kerala and going to be working out of Calicut for a while. I’m hoping to do some work with the student communities at my alma mater and maybe try to kick start a tech. scene in Calicut. I also have some other projects in mind but don’t want to talk about them yet.

I think life’s going to change quite a bit. I’ve rented out a rather spacious house for approximately the same rent as the tiny flat in which I currently stay. Calicut is not as “happening” as Bangalore. It does have a coastline though and nice restaurants that serve seafood. I don’t think any tech. culture exists there and even if it did, it wouldn’t hold a candle to Bangalore. I hope to do more things non tech especially on the religious side - a part of me that I’ve been neglecting too much.

Let’s see how things turn out. As it stands, I’ll be out of here in the last week of December. Somewhere around the 25th.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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