Update: The original version used the grit gem which is now deprecated. I’ve updated the scripts to use rugged which are the offical ruby bindings for libgit2.

Many people have been asking me for the scripts I use to generate diagrams of git repositories which I use during my trainings.

Git showdag output

It’s a bunch of quick and dirty ruby scripts (my first ruby programs I think) which walk the repo and output dot programs that are then converted into png files and displayed using qiv.

There are two of them. There’s a showdag.rb which tries to draw the DAG of the current repo. It will draw the branch markers as well as the commits, trees and blobs. I’ve found it useful to describe how the DAG grows over time. There’s a second called showrepo.rb which is really just a graphical git log --graph kind of thing. I often use it to show people the difference between merging and rebasing and how these operations affect the DAG. There are also two shell functions which call the ruby scripts and then use dot to generate the images and then call qiv to display them. They’re run by executing showdag . or showrepo . at the top level of the repository you’re in.

Here’s the code.

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