I grew up on DOS and then jumped straight to UNIX (Solaris and then Linux) without really using Windows. I was introduced to “The UNIX programming environment” by Kernighan and Pike by a friend and studied the basics of using the shell from it. Most of the tricks stuck with me since then and while I’ve never used shell for a production program, it’s always my go to tool for throw away scripts and glue programs. A lot of what I’ve picked up over the years has evaporated but the general feeling that anything is possible once you have shell access has stayed and has been proven true repeatedly.

I have, however, seen ace programmers who aren’t comfortable with the command line and repeatedly resort to using the mouse or larger GUI based programs (often less powerful that their CLI counterparts) to get simple things done. The sharper ones write scripts in their favourite languages to get small things done while the slower ones do them manually by hand. Recent posts like this which was popular on hacker news point to an education problem and since I’m fond of teaching, I’ve decided to put together a course on command line UNIX and shell scripting. I hope to do it in association with HasGeek in Bangalore just like I do my git workshops.

The plan, atleast for now, is to cover the following

  1. The command line - Mostly editing, navigating, working with the history, prompts etc.
  2. Shell as a language - Text manipulation commands (uniq, cut, paste, sed, awk etc.), redirection, pipes, substitutions.
  3. Shell scripting proper - Writing scripts that do little tasks. Useful in places like cron jobs, monitoring scripts, log analysers and such.
  4. Power tools - Tools like netpbm, the imagemagick suite, netcat, ffmpeg, make etc. all of which perform tasks in their own domain amazingly well but which are unexploited due to their interfaces being unfamiliar.

I don’t know how long it will be. 2 or 3 days maybe. We’ll see. The primary references I have with me are the book I mentioned above, The advanced bash scripting guide, The UNIX power tools book, The Unix guru universe website and the commandlinefu website.

I’ll start working on this in mid August. It should be ready in a month - that’s mid September. I’ll make the course available hopefully in October. Suggestions for books and other materials are welcome as are any other bits of feedback or criticism.

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