Its been around a year since I took the plunge. I worked for a few organisations, did a few trainings and generally had an educational and profitable year. I attended two PyCons abroad, conducted one here, met a lot of interesting people, got myself a new laptop, got exposed to a whole gamut of things which were completely new to me (like managing my finances by myself) and generally had a really wild ride.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and am the richer for it. I won’t deny that there were times when I felt that it was a mistake and almost regretted it but those were transient feelings.

It’s hard to make a “list of things I learnt” since most of them can’t really be verbalised properly. However, if you have some risk taking ability and a desire to stretch your limits, I highly recommend it.

Earlier this month, I got a job offer from the Open Library project (a sub project of the Internet Archive) via. Anand. I accepted it and starting Jan, I’ll be working for them remotely. Lots of challenges, great people, all code is free software, decent pay, and work that has a positive social impact - What more can one ask for?

We’ll probably be setting up a small office of sorts somewhere in Benson town and over time are planning to convert it into a hacker space.

My trainings will still be there. I will make announcements over time. It’s not something I want to give up but I don’t think I’ll be taking any large projects anytime soon.

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