I’ve been freelancing for a while now it’s been a learning experience. I had to confront parts of me that I was not aware of many of which I’m still struggling to change. However, after my last project, I’ve decided to try a different route and establish a small company offering software services.

The Lycaeum under which I do all my student trainings and mentorship has been getting a decent stream of students since I started it and I’m planning to hire interested students into my new company and grow it slowly and organically.

The company is called Hamon and we’re currently picking up python automation and infrastructure projects. If you’re looking for someone to help you with your project, drop us a line at contact@hamon.in

For the curious, the Hamon is a line that appears on a traditional Japanese sword blade due to a differential tempering technique. The idea is to create a strong and ductile backbone (which gives reliability) and a hard and sharp cutting edge (which gives effectiveness). The joining of these two seemingly antagonistic properties into a single blade produces an artifact called a hamon (literally “blade pattern”). I’ve always been a proponent of tried, tested and battle hardened over new, shiny and fancy and this has informed most of the projects I’ve worked on. At the same time, I pick up new technologies that, in my judgment, look promising and use them. This approach is similar to the way the sword blade is and hence the name. Also, because of my own interest and background in the martial arts, the name speaks to my soul so there you have it. If you’re interested in the details of how the blades are made, check this out.

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